Find Your Voice introduces:

The Memoir Masterclass

A ONE-DAY LIVE VIRTUAL WORKSHOP to help you finally write your memoir and become an inspiration to others

Saturday, June 5 2021, from 9-3 pm CST
Now with 4 bonus one-hour follow-up Q&A calls

It’s one thing to dream of writing a memoir. But to actually sit down and write one can feel like an overwhelming task. In this one-day workshop you’ll get the tools you need to get the job done.

Shave your writing time in half (or more!)

Far too many people spend their lives working on one memoir and miss the many other beautiful things they have to write!

Actually enjoy writing your memoir.

Imagine a world where you looked forward to your writing time. This class makes writing healing and fun.

Become an inspiration to others.

Imagine the moment you’ll get to hand your finished book to that one person you want to read it and to be inspired.

What you get when you register:


Allison Fallon, named Book Coach to Watch in 2021 by Yahoo News

Allison Fallon is an award winning author, sought after public speaker, and nationally recognized writing coach. She has coached hundreds of thousands of writers – from NYT Bestselling authors to total beginners to help them finally get their books written and on shelves. Her most recent book The Power of Writing Things Down walks anyone – even those who swear they aren’t “real” writers – through a simple daily practice they can use to reduce anxiety, curb depression, improve their confidence and gain clarity in their life. She lives in Pasadena, California with her husband Matt and her daughter Nella.

Becoming an Inspiration (a note from your coach)

When I wrote my first memoir back in 2010, I struggled through the process. I didn’t know anything about the publishing industry, had never written a memoir before, and felt like I had no business putting my story on paper. The problem was I could not shake the feeling that I was supposed to write this book. I kept at it, but the book took a long time to write, I hated the process, and even though I did finally publish the book three years later — there were so many things I wished later that I would have known beforehand. 

That’s why I’m teaching this course. 

I vowed to myself after that process that I would use my experience to serve others who felt like I felt when I started. They know they have something to say. But they feel like the underdog when it comes to publishing. For the past 10 years that’s exactly what I’ve been doing.

Since then I’ve written and published 13 books (three of them memoirs). I’ve worked with nearly a thousand authors to turn their personal stories into memoirs. Most of that work has been one-on-one, but as effective as that is, it’s also expensive. Not every aspiring author can afford to pay thousands of dollars to get their book written.


If you know you need to write your memoir but have been putting it off because you don’t feel qualified, welcome to the club. I know how you feel, and it’s my great passion and joy to help you finally write your memoir and become an inspiration to others.

“If you've ever doubted you are a writer - I know the feeling. But the truth is, you become one by doing it, and most of us can't do it alone. FYV will guide you to the writing life you've always wanted and help you see the truth about yourself you never have before."

- Melody Miles

"Ally helped me write the book that I always wanted to share with the world. If you want to finally become a published author, register to work with her today. Because she’s right: Writing a book will change your life."

- Connell Barrett


Why should I write a memoir?

There are many reasons to write a memoir, and publication is just one of them. So even if the thought of publishing your story makes you want to barf, there are plenty of other reasons to do it.

I’ll list a few here:

  • Healing and clarity
  • A legacy to pass on to your family
  • Understand “why” this happened to you
  • Close the loop on a season of your life
  • See yourself as the hero of your life
  • Grow in confidence
  • Become empowered
  • Find your voice

What if my story isn’t that interesting?

Most people have no idea how interesting their story truly is until they write it down. It’s a huge misconception that you need some fantastical and unbelievable story to make it worth it to write a memoir. All you need is to reflect on the question “What have you overcome?” and your story will be as fascinating as any story you’ve ever read.

Do I need to prepare for the class?

Chances are, you’re more prepared than you realize. After all, this is your life and you are the one who’s lived it. Now it’s just about making sure you know how to tell the story so it’s interesting and inspiring to others. 

In short, no need to prepare. You were born for this!

Will you teach me how to publish my book?

This class is focused on writing a memoir — which is the hardest part. We also have a class called Prepare to Publish that’s focused on publishing, specifically on writing a book proposal document. If you’re on the fence about publishing, or wondering if you have a big enough platform to publish, we recommend starting with this masterclass first.

**Side note: With your registration, you’ll get access to our resource library which includes several resources on how to get published, including “How to find a literary agent” and “Should I self-publish or traditionally publish?”

What if I’ve already started my memoir?

If you have started writing but feel stuck — this masterclass is perfect for you. We meet aspiring authors all the time who have been spinning their wheels with a memoir for years (two, three, five, ten), and when they go through this material, are able to finish in a matter of months.

How long does the class last?

This is a full-day masterclass that will last from 9am-3pm (CST) — and we’re including four bonus follow-up Q&A calls so that you can get some direct feedback on your specific project. These Q&A calls will be group calls but will have a limited number of participants. That way, we can workshop specific pieces of writing and everyone can participate.

What is Book Writing Bootcamp?

Book Writing Bootcamp is a program we created as a service to our previous clients at Find Your Voice to help authors get their manuscripts written. This is a cohort of serious authors (both self-publishing and traditional publishing) who are ready to stop stalling and finally finish their manuscripts. The program lasts 4 months, is free of charge (by application only), and provides encouragement, support, and guidance to get your book finished. We do 2 cohorts each year and applications for the next round will open soon.

What is in the resource library?

Our resource library is a collection of materials we created to help support you in your writing and publishing journey. In the library are all of our best resources on overcoming writer’s block, how to find an agent, how to impress a publisher and even ideas for growing a platform. This collection of resources is constantly growing and with your registration, you’ll get 12 months access.

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  • A ONE-DAY LIVE VIRTUAL WORKSHOP to help you finally write your memoir and become an inspiration to others
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