Discover the Life-changing Power of Writing About Your Life

A Simple Framework to Understand Yourself, Your Journey, and Your Purpose in the World

Have you lost a sense of meaning and purpose in life?

Too many people are sleepwalking through life, letting other people or circumstances write their story. It’s a terrible way to live—and you shouldn’t have to experience that. 

This groundbreaking book by Allison Fallon will help you redefine your life’s narrative and discover the meaning and purpose you’ve always wanted.

Allison’s straightforward framework will help you process your life and get your whole story down—in only 5 pages! After writing your story, you will finally understand yourself, your story, and your purpose.

This groundbreaking book by Allison Fallon offers a simple framework to redefine your life’s narrative and discover meaning and purpose.

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How to Write Your Story Workbook

This comprehensive digital workbook will walk you through the entire process of wiring your story together.

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Inside this exclusive video series, I’ll teach you the five questions you MUST ask yourself to kickstart any story. 

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5 Ways This Book Will Make Your Life Better...

See Yourself More Clearly: Get a straightforward framework to understand yourself, your life's story, and your purpose

Take Back Control: Stop sleepwalking through life and take ownership of your story

See Challenges Differently: See how every moment of your life, good or bad, is an essential part of your unique story

Realize Your Value: Discover your worth and the significance of your story

Live with Intention and Purpose: Learn strategies to move past regrets and live with clarity and confidence

“I’ve personally experienced Ally’s transformational process, and her strength and wisdom shine in this powerful resource.”

CEO of Onsite

“Good things come to those who write. I’m thrilled that this book will help so many people benefit from the power of putting words on the page.”

author of Don’t Overthink It, host of the What Should I Read Next?
podcast, and creator of Modern Mrs. Darcy

“Ally is a great human being and wants to share what she has learned and experienced to help those looking for new ways to excellence.”

author and Olympic gold medalist

“Working with Ally was the best investment I could have made in myself...and transformed my storytelling journey. From feeling lost and unsure, her guidance brought clarity and structure...”

author of Maybe We’re All Diamonds

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How a ghost-writer (accidentally) discovered a powerful life-hack

As a sought after ghost-writer and coach for authors, Allison Fallon guided hundreds of individuals through the process of penning their memoirs. But what emerged was a surprising insight that fundamentally changed her perspective on the power of storytelling.

Fallon noticed a recurring pattern: regardless of whether her clients’ memoirs were published or remained private, the simple act of writing their stories was profoundly transformative. These individuals began to see their lives through a different lens. Their life, which was once a collection of random events, started to form a cohesive, meaningful narrative.

This was not just about recording memories, or even writing per se; it was a process of self-discovery and redefinition. Fallon observed how her clients, previously ambivalent or regretful about their life choices, began to uncover a rich tapestry of meaning and purpose in their story.

From this experience, Allison created the Write Your Story framework. It leverages the timeless principles of storytelling to help individuals uncover what makes their journey unique, memorable, and, most importantly, worthy of their own interest and passion.

For anyone feeling adrift, confused, or lost, Fallon’s framework is a path to rediscovering oneself and embracing life with renewed vigor.

About Allison Fallon

Allison Fallon is an award-winning author and ghostwriter and an expert book coach who has helped thousands of authors and aspiring authors write and publish their books. When her life took a dramatic turn many years ago, she discovered the power of committing her story to paper. 

Now she assists others to do the same through her online courses, personalized coaching, and in-person workshops. She has worked with Donald Miller’s StoryBrand framework for several years in multiple capacities, and she is the host of the Write Your Story podcast. Allison lives in Nashville, Tennessee, with her husband and two children.

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“If you don’t believe your story has significance, you won’t uncover just how significant you are. When you learn to see the beauty of your story’s narrative, you’ll discover purpose that will radiate into every part of your life.”—Allison Fallon

It’s time to discover your purpose by writing your story. 

Write your story will show you how.

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